Selim Yannier graduated from Galatasaray High School in 1997. After that he comleted his undergraduate degree at Middle East Technical University, Physics Department.

Selim Yannier began the Mechatronics Engineering graduated programme in Sabanci University in Spring 2001 and he completed it as a thesis at the end of 2002.  After thar he completed his doctoral studies on Mechatronics Engineering in 2008.

He worked part-time at TAM Computer Services from 1993 to 1997 as a specialist of software development and technical support. Selim Yannier also worked as a part-tme software consultant at an intenational company, Scala Business Solutions in 1998-2000 and thanks to this, he gained work experience at his young age.

Many of his articles published in English and Turkish when he was at Sabanci University. Yannier's academic interests are  motion control, mobile robots and nanaotechnology for control subjects.

Dr. Yannier is a member of  Middle East Technical University Underwater Society and Galatasaray Sports Club and he also a founding member of Sabanci UniversityUnderwater Club.