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Disual ,contributing to the successful realization of the projects he believes that it finds, and will develop, acts as its technology partner in many initiatives.
If you want to support or initiative that you Disual'ın technology partner, please contact us immediately.

Natali Yesilbahar Blog

Golden Spider Award Winner Blog

Disual design and infrastructure created, and the jury and the public as the winner of the Golden Spider Award in 2009. Miaposta woman's guide to urban living.

Miaposta, "urban woman's guide to life" Based on the motto, has entered our lives.
This free e-newsletter, will meet with women who want to keep the pulse of the city every weekday. Register Miaposta'ya, experience the real, which is the name of the fictional character written by Mia slightly sharp tongue, on the daily life of the city and suggestions, are finding their mailboxes each morning. Mia useful and practical suggestions, fashion, design and décor, beauty and food and drink, many issues by following trends, discovering life.

Mia, one day, an accessory designer, the site address taçlarını liked it so much sharing with you, another day for you, analyzing women's literary novels, a reading club is aware of., a platform for experience sharing.

With content created by members, as a reliable source, enables consumers to share ideas.

Current members, based on his own experiences and to have conducted reviews, consumers play an important role in buying decisions.

Product reviews and personal recommendations, consumers tend to receive product information, presented in an impartial way., Disual standard developed by CMS, is enriched with a special plug-ins. managers reporting infrastructure that provides data of the appropriate business model and marketing goals Disual, so that has created the difference.