Disual is arising from the merger of the words, "Digital" and "Visual". From this point of view Disual bring the functional and easy to use software and stylish and eye-catching design together and with the most accurate way, it transport the demand of the companies to the web world. In this way, it creates interactive web sites which can be easily accesible by the maximum number of potential user.

Disual has established in 2006 with the partnership of Moti Fins and Selim Yannier. It produce web-based sotfware applications and provide design service and allow companies to express themselves at the best way on digital platforms. It support companies and suggest ideas and projects for promotion and marketing.

By using developing web technologies productively and efficiently, it provides effective communication between companies and target audiences. According to the needs of the companies , Disual's young and dynamic team produce influential solutions.

With the support of  KOSGEB which only has given to selected projects that serve to technological developments, Disual has worked on Bogazici University Technology Development Center for more then 3 years for R&D projects.

Disual use Content Management Systme for web site software And by teaching companies about using this programme, Disual allow companies to update, manage, edit and change their website on their own.

Unlike the standard editor, advanced editor module allow you to easily add the video contents; Apple® QuickTimeTM, WindowsTM Media PlayerTM, Adobe® FlashTM and the standard formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF) images. And meanwhile you can manage all the links on your website without any difficulty.

You can publish your company's latest news, products, works and all the information that you want to announce in your website under the various headings by using the intermadiate structure like Microsoft® WordTM in Disual Content Management System.