Accurate and intelligent content, a site that is catchy.

Content Management System, can be updated continuously and simply, thanks to the modular structure of the necessary functions of a web site solution that can be increased.

Disual Web sites using Content Management System, the training and telephone support to companies within the site updates and changes, text, picture and video plug-ins to help make their own firms, customers, web sites, 7 / 24 editing and allows you to manage.

You Disual's also developed content management system, administration panel, connect to your site, all content is able to interfere at all kinds of news, campaigns and change information to update your site.
Disual's Content Management System used by Microsoft Word so easy to input information through an intermediate structure, firm-to-date news, products, and you want to advertise the work of collecting all the other information under various headings, can publish on your site.

You can be your own webmaster.

All this information about you or your company's authorized users to the site can add, change or delete. Moreover, all the contents, taking into account the dates of publication, and edit the publication to stand. Content by using the image and link all of the information, view the contents as a list. When you want to publish news in your firm, company officials, the only text in your website to publish this story or headline news on all of the separate listing, if you clicked on the news all the way, edit the text to be achieved.

Thanks to the advanced editor module, your company's website, Apple ® QuickTime TM, Microsoft ® Windows TM Media Player TM, Adobe ® Flash TM format and standard video formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF) images, you can easily add content on your website you can easily organize all the links within.

Workflow, in line with company employees, may be vested in different levels Disual Content Management System. So your user is willing to enter a web content to your site, knowing that security settings can perform only change to the extent authorized. Site manager, the levels of authority, at its own discretion by changing the contents of the site entered the information and keep under control.