Disual has also a Training Department. The trainings which were given to the companies who want to develop themselves in specific or any matters by qualified instructors, help the companies to develop marketing strategies and help them to use digital media more efficiently.

Training Topics:

  • Apple - iWork - Keynote
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint
  • Adobe® Premiere®
  • Adobe® After Effects®
  • Adobe® Encore®
  • Windows® Movie Maker
  • Apple - iMovie
  • Adobe® Photoshop®
  • Windows® Image Editor
  • Presentation Skills

Our customers can take any training topic they want from the above and they can also chose topics will be suitable for them and compose a Training Package. Together with these topics on the list, some training on different topics like video or image editing can be given upon request after evaluating the required topics.

Training times are depending on the content of the training and the location of the training can be specified as Disual office or anywhere else that the customer wants.

All training courses are specially prepared for our customers. At the end of the education the "case study" will be applied and some training exercises will be made for the subject area of you.