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Disual design and infrastructure created, and the jury and the public as the winner of the Golden Spider Award in 2009.,

  • Turkey, IT, mobile and Internet fields of produce, an admirable work, and introducing them,
  • The future matters to differentiate your precious and special events which follows,
  • Each area of new ideas and opportunities for qualified readers offering tips and key contacts,
  • Useful information sharing, networking and cooperation between individuals and institutions that facilitate the establishment,
  • Moreover, the temperature of all these friends chatting, laughing blogdur accomplished writings.
  • Site design and infrastructure Disual'ın realized, the 2009 Golden Spider Competition, "blog" has taken first prize in the category.

Disual, Natali Yeşilbahar Blogger site, serves with the package.

In addition to the standard offered by CMS, Disual, the site also manages advertising and sponsorship.

Unlike blogs, this site for the first time that implements the standard categorization Disual different point of view, it continues with the first signing.