Moti Fins graduated from Physics Engineering of İstanbul Technical University in 2002 and has developed himself in the field of information technology with computer-based courses and computer programming.

Then he worked at French Support Department of  Toshiba Global Call Center of Siemens Business Services to provide supportive services on the technical hardware and software of laptops and mobile computers in French, Belgium and Canada. In 3,5 year that he worked here, he expanded his fields of expertise in the telecom sector by providing support for VolP.

Moti Fins has Microsoft A+ and TCE (Toshiba Certified Engineer) certificates and he intrested in Windows applications, operating and network systems. He has a passion for computers which he adds his experiences and informations in it and he transformed this passion to profession by building freelance websites to the companies.

Moti is a member of various non-governmental organizations. Scuba diving and photography  are his passions on his personal time.