Twitter's Direct Message FeatureDo you use Twitter for business? Want to improve communication with customers? Twitter’s recent tweaks to its direct message feature make it easier for users to reach you directly. In this week, you’ll learn how to use Twitter’s updated direct messages feature to improve communication with your customers. bahsedeceğiz.

How Twitter's Direct Messages Work

With Twitter's recent updates, you can set up your account to receive direct messages from any Twitter users, whether or not you follow those users. Previously, direct messaging was impractical for customer service because you could only send direct messages to users who followed you. This created a barrier between users seeking customer service via Twitter and businesses providing it. Unless your account and the user's account followed each other, the conversation was stalled before it ever began. Now, you can opt to receive direct messages from anyone. This feature is turned off by default, so you have to go to your Security and Privacy settings to manually switch it on.

Use Direct Messages for Customer Service

If you want to provide the best possible customer service on social, consider enabling this feature. With it turned on, any fan, follower or curious customer can send you a direct message without you following him or her first. This streamlines communication with customers and empowers users who want to reach you directly. Twitter's new direct message capabilities are especially perfect for social customer service when providing support is contingent on sharing personal information.

As with any new feature, there are pros and cons to using it for your business. Here's a look at how Twitter's Direct Messages feature can help improve customer communication, and how it could potentially harm customer relationships. Using direct messages to send automated or marketing material can have negative consequences.